Monday, November 14, 2005

iPod Video

How many iPods does it take to be complete? Ask Steve and he would probably say one more than you have right now. Bill would probably say one fewer. Yet they keep popping up like flowers in springtime or zits on prom night. A new version that is bigger, smaller, more colorful, less complicated, blacker or whiter than any previous model. And this time it comes with video.

So Steve Jobs gets up and says that the new wunderdevice will play your favorite TV show (as long as it is Lost or Desperate Housewives -- what no Alias?), music video (U2 preferred), or home movies (does anyone really do that?). I said, "pffft". I don't need that. I just want to listen to music and podcasts on my iPod while I'm in my car (hence my 20GB clickwheel). And maybe listed to some tunes while exercising (hence my iPod shuffle) but why would I want video? FEH!

Then I tried Rick's. Um... Crap. This thing is cool. Rationalization kicks in. I could watch The Daily Show at the Pro Club. I could convert movies and watch them on the plane. I could finally start toting around some of my pictures and living the 100% pure digital lifestyle. And it comes in BLACK!

So back to the original question. At least 3.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Unintentionally Racy Links

Tony had this on his blog and I nearly wet myself from laughing. It reminds me of when we were coming up with names for Windows XP and one of the thoughts was Windows EX. That probably wouldn't have worked though. Apparently that domain is taken.