Thursday, May 29, 2008

Disturbed at DeepRockDrive

Wow, we had an amazing show at DeepRockDrive tonight. Disturbed played to a HUGE crowd of 10,000 people and the show went great! It wasn't that long ago that relatively tiny shows had our web servers overheating but DeepRockDrive 2.0 really showed its stuff yesterday handling 10,000 people from 71 countries and over 1.34 MILLION interactive events(*) without breaking a sweat.

Disturbed was really great too. I hadn't heard them much before but I'm a fan now.

You can check out some hi-def highlights from the show at Vimeo.

Here is the smaller version:

Live at DeepRockDrive: DISTURBED from DeepRockDrive.

It took a ton of great work from the dev team in Seattle and and the production team Las Vegas to pull this off but it was an amazing feeling to watch so many people really enjoying the show and to see everything working just like we thought it would.

Woo hoo!!!!!

(*) What's an interactive event? That is either a vote for a song, a shoutout to the band, or a click on an emotapplause icon to clap or send a fist in the air to the band

Thursday, May 22, 2008

DeepRockDrive Demo Video

We put together a cool demo of how the DeepRockDrive interactive experience actually works. Not just how the video looks, but how to use all of the interactive features. Check it out!

DeepRockDrive's interactive live concerts from DeepRockDrive on Vimeo

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another big ride

A bunch of us went out for a bike ride today. We went 26.25 miles round trip at a pretty good pace. It was a blast and the weather was fantastic. This is my 3rd ride in 4 days (having ridden to work on Thursday and Friday).

Now if the weather can just keep cooperating, I can do my part to avoid the insane gas prices and reduce both my carbon footprint and my own girth :)

Plus, it is great training for the rapidly approaching RSVP.

Marié Digby at DeepRockDrive

Marié Digby played a show at DeepRockDrive today and it was fantastic! Thousands of people from around the world came together to watch the show. It was crazy busy with shoutouts and emotapplauses flying like they never have before. Her performance was great and she was all over keeping the fans engaged and involved.

This was a great example of the kind of experience that can only happen on the 'net. She was "discovered" on YouTube and has used the social networking sites to build her name. The show at DeepRockDrive is another step in building her career and what a great way to reach her fans all around the world. 66 countries, to be exact - 1/3 of the world's countries tuned in to today's show.

Thanks to Pepsi for sponsoring today's free show. Check out the schedule for upcoming shows!