Monday, September 07, 2009

My Latest Software Adventure

OK, so it has been a long time since I posted here, but I've been quite busy! In addition to ongoing work on TeeShot and TeeShotLive, I've also shipped a fun little photo sharing app on the iPhone called Pic-Z Share but the latest big thing is today's opening of TweedCase, a website for musicians to show off their instruments and gear and to be able to connect with each other.

The idea is simple. I love collecting guitars, basses and other gear. They are works of art that can create works of art. It also helps that they represent a lifestyle that is compelling and exciting. On top of that, though, I love looking at other people's instruments and hearing their stories about how they got it, where they played it, the remarkable sounds they can get with it and so much more. So why not create a website that lets people do exactly that? So I did.

The idea came to me at the Small and Special conference in Seattle last summer. Eric LeVine has a great website called which lets wine tasters share their tasting experiences and wine collections. Neat idea! The closest thing for me would be guitars. I love 'em, I love talking about them and I just love looking at them so I decided to start building this site and just see what happens.

In the first release of TweedCase, you can sign up for a free membership, post information about your instruments and your gear. Then you can upload photos of your instruments. I'm going to encourage folks to try to take great pictures of them to show off the beauty of the instruments, but to do that, I need to develop those skills myself so I'll be posting about that on the site and on the blog. Members can also write their own articles about their musical experiences as well as upload short MP3s of their playing so they can really show what is special about their gear and how they use it.

Over time, TweedCase will grow and I'll add more things that the members can do, but I'm waiting to see what folks ask for to see where to go next. If you're a musician or a collector, come on by and sign up for that free account and let's see what's in your case!