Thursday, May 29, 2008

Disturbed at DeepRockDrive

Wow, we had an amazing show at DeepRockDrive tonight. Disturbed played to a HUGE crowd of 10,000 people and the show went great! It wasn't that long ago that relatively tiny shows had our web servers overheating but DeepRockDrive 2.0 really showed its stuff yesterday handling 10,000 people from 71 countries and over 1.34 MILLION interactive events(*) without breaking a sweat.

Disturbed was really great too. I hadn't heard them much before but I'm a fan now.

You can check out some hi-def highlights from the show at Vimeo.

Here is the smaller version:

Live at DeepRockDrive: DISTURBED from DeepRockDrive.

It took a ton of great work from the dev team in Seattle and and the production team Las Vegas to pull this off but it was an amazing feeling to watch so many people really enjoying the show and to see everything working just like we thought it would.

Woo hoo!!!!!

(*) What's an interactive event? That is either a vote for a song, a shoutout to the band, or a click on an emotapplause icon to clap or send a fist in the air to the band

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