Saturday, November 06, 2004

Best Round Ever! - Golf @ Plateau

Combine the best parts of the last two rounds, and make the wedges work, and you have today's round at the Plateau Club.

Dave, Rick, Paul and I went out this morning at around 8:30. The weather was good, the course was a bit wet but otherwise it was a nice day for a round of golf. Once again, I kept the Cleveland TA5s in my bag this week. I started out bogeying the first four holes, which wasn't a bad way to go particularly given some bad breaks like hitting a tree branch on my second shot on 1 and having my second shot on 3 go so far right it was nearly on the tee box for 4, but some well placed wedge shots got me close enough to make bogeys. Then on 5, my second shot stopped just 5 feet from the hole and while I was unable to make any of the 3-4 putts for birdie today, it was good to at least have a chance at it and all of them ended up being easy pars. I finished out the front 9 at 41, just 5 over par and headed to the back where the hits just kept on coming.

My driving was much better than last week, I hit 9 of 14 fairways and missed a couple of them by only a little bit. My wedged were quite good and even when I missed greens for one reason or another, I frequently hit it close enough that I could one putt to save par. On 15, my tee shot was a little left but landed softly on the green. 2 putts later I had a par. On 16 -- my nemesis hole -- I hit a great drive that went straight as can be and landed at the top of the hill about 200 yards from the hole. Just getting to that point is a major victory for me since that hole and 18 have ruined so many good rounds.

I finshed out 18 with an 83. Beating my best round at the Plateau Club by three strokes and when you take into consideration the difficulty of the Plat vs Bellevue, this was a much better score than my 79 there last January. I think I can chalk most of this up to being relaxed. Even though my shoulder was pretty tight, I just made sure that I was not tense during the swing and it really made a big difference.

Duffergeek Stat Zone:
Score: 83 (9.588 round rating)
Putts: 32
GIRs: 4
Fairways: 9/14
Interesting stat: Lowest round rating score ever for me.

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