Saturday, March 19, 2005

I must be doing something wrong....

I played golf yesterday morning before work. Got out there at 7 am with Dave and JP and was set to play 9 holes. We went to the driving range and I forgot to stretch before I started hitting balls and after a few, I tried to kill my driver. I felt something twinge in my left shoulder. Ow. I played the holes and it got a bit worse, but it wasn't too bad.

Last night, Zach and I drove up to Whistler and with the exception of being pulled over by one of the nicest police officers I've ever met, it was an uneventful trip. This morning, Zach and I got ready to go skiing and we headed up to the midstation at Whistler. There was a bunch of new snow and I was really psyched to get some good skiing in with Zach. My shoulder was hurting a bit more, but not too bad. After a couple of really light runs it started hurting a lot more. Not sure if it was from being tight on the ski runs, or from the helmet or what, but at this point it was really hurting. We had lunch to see if it would calm down when we went inside but nope. So we had to leave early and head back to the hotel room so I could ice it and rest. Ugh. Driving home tomorrow should be a blast.

So does this make me the first person to not be able to ski because of a golfing injury?

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