Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Secret Journey

This week is spring break for Kate and Zach. I told them last week that I was going to take them somewhere, but I wouldn't tell them where until we were on our way. The only hints I gave them at the time were:

1) It isn't Disney
2) It isn't Whistler

So now we are only about 12 hours from leaving and they know a few more hints. We are flying there and as of dinner tonight I gave them the hint that we need to be careful because there will be sharks. They said that it could be an aquarium so that didn't really help them figure out where we're going. I guess they could get a few other hints from the packing list that included bathing suits, shorts, sweatshirts and a miner's hat. OK... one of those may have been a red herring but I'm not saying which one.

Their guesses currently include Sarasota, Idaho, Hawaii, Detroit, Michigan, New York, Colorado, Santa Barbara, San Jose (sharks!).

They'll find out in the morning! I wonder how long I can wait before they figure it out. I guess they'll be able to see it on their boarding passes so it will be pretty obvious. Too bad we took a direct flight -- that would be even cooler!

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