Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mass Ascension

Wow. I mean WOW!

It has been cloudy here at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta since we got here and I've been hoping for a clear day. The balloons are beautiful but they just don't look as good without a blue sky behind them. Leslie, Zach and I got up bright and early (again) this morning to be at the launch site before sunrise. The stars were out when we got there so it promised to be a clear morning. I was psyched.

The dawn patrol took off again but this time it was 8 balloons instead of yesterdays 4. Then as the sun came up, they started inflating and launching the balloons. Not just some, though -- lots of balloons. They started taking off around 7 am and kept taking off until almost 8:30. Hundreds of them filling the sky and flying off to the north (the opposite directions from our flight yesterday). Bright colors, all shapes and sizes, floating against a beautiful blue sky. It was awesome!

Leslie got the idea for us to go to the Balloon Fiesta from the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die. They are absolutely right. Whether you are a ballooning fan, photographer or just want to see something breathtaking you need to make a trip to see 700+ balloons all taking off into a clear blue sky in Albuquerque.


To see just a few of the pictures, click the link below.

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