Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Street Signs:

This is the second installment in a series on street signs I have seen. This was in the village of Alken in Germany and seemed a bit odd for the sign but whatever it was trying to say was definitely reinforced by the car behind it. Let's try to figure out what this one means.

1) Don't levitate cars while children are playing
2) No suburbs allowed
3) Do not drop cars on children

Hmmm... Now if the ball was black and not white, perhaps one could be led to believe that black holes sucking in people, cars and homes were forbidden (excuse me... verboten) but the color is clearly white so that can't be it.

I guess we can come to the less interesting conclusion that it means that cars should not drive here because there are children playing. Looking at the nearby car, though, I hope the children will have a speedy recovery.


Leslie Irish Evans said...

HA! Great post. The last bit with the smashed up car makes it.

Anonymous said...

The Sign is the opposite to a sign showing exactly the same (but without beeing canceled) and this is meaning "Spielstrasse" (play street) - so your found simply means "end of the 'Spielstrasse' ".
In a Spielstrasse, cars are only allowed to walking speed - because children use to play on the street.

Duffergeek said...

Mystery solved... thanks! (er.. danke!)