Sunday, August 06, 2006

Blue Angels 2006

After last year's Blue Angels craziness I wasn't sure that I would go and take pictures again this year but then I realized I had a new camera and I didn't have any pictures of the Blue Angels in 5D Raw so Zach and I headed down to Lake Washington on Saturday to get some more shots. Rather than lug the big 600mm lens with us I stuck to my 100-400 and we decided to try to get closer to the water for a different view. In the end, we were a bit far north for the best shots but I got a few fun ones. Nothing captures the roar as they fly overhead so low that it feels like you can reach up and touch. Zach and I both did our little happy dance after each fly-by.

The Blue Angels coming in across the lake in formation.

There is something more ominous about a fighter coming in low over the trees.

I'll put the full web album up shortly.

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