Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Trip to Köln

A couple of years ago, I went to Cologne (Köln) Germany for Photokina, the world's largest photography trade show which only happens every 2 years. Guess what - it happened again! The details of the trip are over at Imaging Society but I'm posting some of the pictures here.

In an interesting repeat of the last trip, I apparently still look German. Once again, a number of people would walk up to me in a group of Americans and start speaking German to me. When I got on a plane from Paris to Amsterdam, the flight attendant was greeting each person in their apparent native tongue. She did a pretty good job of detecting French, American, Dutch and Japanese passengers (ok, that last one is easier...) but when I got on she said "Guten Morgen" to me. This one was more remarkable given that we were in France. Nutty!

Anyway, on to the pictures...

The centerpiece of the Cologne skyline is the Cathedral (Dom) which took over 600 years to complete. It is particularly nice in the evening.

The rail bridge heading across the Rhein is nearly as interesting as the Dom itself.

This is the Cologne Dom from the top of a nearby building. The panoramic views were really nice though getting the shot through the glass windows was tough with all of the glare from nearby lights.

Nice sunset over Cologne, again from the top of the building across the river.

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