Saturday, November 18, 2006

Deconstructing Bellevue

Kate and I were having dinner in Bellevue the other night. As we left, there were lots of police cars and fire trucks blocking the street back to the highway so we were detoured another block south. As we neared 108th, the buildings to our left had their fire alarms going off and people were being evacuated but we didn't see any fire. We didn't see anything except a lot of people looking at the buildings with their cell phone cameras held aloft and the news media reporting live.

Kate and I were sitting just 2 blocks away when it happened but we were totally unaware until Friday morning when saw on the news that one of the many giant cranes erected in Bellevue had fallen over, severely damaging three buildings and killing one person as it crashed into his apartment (man... would that suck!). The crane operator was still in it at the time of the fall and he "rode it down" 200 ft before being stuck 30 feet off the ground in the control cab.

More info on the incident here.

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