Monday, March 05, 2007

Graeter's Ice Cream - Mana from Cincinnati

Tony had never tried Graeter's Ice Cream and now he is a believer. For those of you who think you have tried the best ice cream in the world -- until you've tried Graeter's you haven't. :)

I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and when my mother would make trips to Cincinnati she would bring back a couple of pints of Grater's vanilla chocolate chip. The ice cream itself is intensely creamy and fresh. The chips are not little chocolate morsels. They are an event all to themselves, sometimes reaching three inches in length due to the way the chocolate is added to the ice cream. The combination is exquisite.

It's a good thing we could only get it on rare occasions because this stuff is addictive. For those of you wanting to give it a try, it is available online and shows up still well frozen. It's kinda pricy to ship, though, so you should order a bunch to justify the shipping costs. Then invite me over and I'll help you get rid of it.

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