Monday, April 30, 2007

AlexAir Flight 001 PSP-LAS

No security lines, no boarding passes, door to door service and you can figure out for yourself how to put your seatbelt on. Welcome to Alex Air!

Alex flew me from Palm Springs to Las Vegas in his sweet little plane that I like to call N2545K. We walked in to the air terminal at Palm Springs, out on to the tarmac loaded in my golf clubs and bags and off we went. Well, first Alex needed to clean the bugs off the windshield but then we were on our way.

Our first stop was a quick fly over of the the Coachella music festival where Alex and Kat have spent the last few days. It was pretty quiet early in the morning but by mid afternoon, the fields should be full of spectators.

After a quick circle around the festival, we headed north for Las Vegas. As we approached, Alex called the air traffic controllers and asked if we could do a flyby on the strip. They said we could fly over the east end of the McCarren runway which was about as good as you could expect. Big airliners taking off and landing just below us with the strip just out of our left window. Really great views! Then we headed a bit more north and turned to land at the North Las Vegas air terminal. We taxied to the refueling station (Alex was headed back to PSP to catch more of the show), I hopped out and grabbed my bags, we walked in to the terminal and then out the front door where the shuttle was waiting to take my to the hotel. 8 minutes from wheels down to sitting in the shuttle with my luggage.

Kick ass!

Thanks for the ride Alex!

The ground crew removes unwanted passengers from the windshield.

The Coachella music festival from the air

The strip from over McCarren

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