Thursday, June 21, 2007

Late Night Cocoa

As I've been getting back into Mac development and ramping up on Cocoa, one of the nicest resources I've found is the Late Night Cocoa podcasts available at and on iTunes.

Steve Scott (or Scotty, as he calls himself) does a great job of finding experienced Cocoa developers and helping them explain all sorts of different aspects of Cocoa - from the individual frameworks to the development tools and to goings on in the community. He occasionally gets a bit too rudimentary - like when Uli Kersterer spends several minutes explaining what memory is - but generally it is a nice way to pick up some new tips or ideas from other developers who are using Cocoa every day.

If you've got time during your commute, your exercise regimen, or just while you're taking a break from typing lots of square brackets Late Night Cocoa is a great resource for coming up to speed and picking up new techniques.

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