Saturday, April 23, 2011

SyncTunes for Mac

SyncTunes is my latest application project and it is now available in the Mac App Store. SyncTunes is a simple application that you can run on any Mac where you have an iTunes collection and see the combined collection between two machines. SyncTunes shows you the differences between your libraries for every song in your collection and lets you quickly and easily get them in sync. You can select a single song, all songs by an artist or all songs in your collection (or just about any combination in between) and with one click, the songs and all of the metadata about them will be synced over your network safely and securely.

Since my initial success with TeeShot in the iPhone App Store, I've been trying to come up with another application that is both useful and valuable enough to be able to make it worth the time to build and market it. With the advent of the Mac App Store and my own struggles keeping my iTunes libraries in sync between my home desktop, work desktop and laptop computers, the stars aligned and SyncTunes was born :-)

It has been a ton of fun building SyncTunes and trying to get all of the sync cases correct and fast. The challenge in this case, because I haven't seen anyone else do this yet, has been figuring out how to make the user experience right -- balancing the flexibility of being able to sync any combinations of files between machines with simplicity of getting it done quickly. No one wants to spend a long time synchronizing their libraries. SyncTunes 1.0 is a good start and I'm already working on ways to make the next version much simpler and more flexible.

SyncTunes is currently available in the Mac App Store. Let me know what you think!

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