Saturday, September 11, 2004

¿Dónde están los irons?- Golf @ Plateau

After getting home really late from the Glow Ball event last night, Rick, Paul and I moved our tee time from 7:18 to 1:00. Dave was planning on joining us and I sent him email last night about the change but apparently he didn't get it since he showed up 6 hours before we did (Sorry Dave!)

In general, my driving continued to be good, as was my short game but my mid irons decided to take a vacation. We started on the back 9 and after a par on 10 and two great shots on 11, I was sitting 150 yards from the pin. I took my 7 iron and figured I had this shot locked when I pushed it off to the right and into the woods. Huh? The same kind of thing happened with my tee shots on 15 and 7 (both par 3s). I just couldn't make good contact with my 5-7 irons. Short irons -- no problem. Rescue and fairway woods -- rockin'. Putting wasn't even that bad.

The other thing that really got me was penalty strokes. I had five of them. I think a bunch of that is just the Plateau Club. I am getting tired of hitting slightly off tee shots and just losing the ball altogether. Sure, I should just hit it straight but that just ain't gonna happen :)

Next week - Sahalee!

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