Monday, October 25, 2004

380 tons -- that's a lot right?

OK, so according to the IAEA, 380 tons of explosives are missing from an Iraqi military facility. I'm pretty sure that is a lot. Let's see -- 2000 pounds in one ton -- that's 760,000 pounds of explosives. This isn't the box of dynamite that goes missing when some guy wants to dig up his back yard. Moving 380 tons of explosives requires -- a coordinated effort. Removing it from a facility that the US has known about for many years and was one of the places that the weapons inspectors visited time and time again -- man it must have taken thousands of people to get through all of that security.

unless -- it was unguarded.

But that couldn't be the case right? I mean we went there to keep terrorists from getting the weapons of mass destruction. This is the exact kind of thing that we would keep a close eye on, right?

Oh... wait... There's a loophole here. Do you see it? See our goal was to keep them from getting weapons of mass destruction but we didn't say anything about massive weapons of destruction. Do you see the difference?



Duffergeek said...

OK, first of all, Rick isn't very funny. Secondly, the logic that is being used is very similar to my original post.

1) It used to be there before the invasion
2) It isn't there now
3) It would take a huge effort to move it
4) Um... I didn't see them move it
5) Therefore it must have been moved before we got there

I just question step 4.

Leslie Irish Evans said...


Leslie Irish Evans said...

So, what are you saying: "Don't report anything that might reflect negatively on the administration until after the election?" Methinks thou art way too interested in shooting the messenger. Me also knows you watch Fox News, listen to Rush Limbaugh, and think Bill O'Reilly is a fair journalist, and that when you're sitting on the far right EVERYTHING else looks left.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find my password. Leslie, Leslie, Leslie...

1. I don't listen to Limbaugh. I hate him.
2. Bill O'Reilley is not a journalist. He's a commentator.

Of course they should keep reporting, but it's interesting they don't go all the way. I know that right now you are desperate to see Kerry win, thus all of this seems highly fair to you, but holding a story for maximum impact TWO DAYS before an election is what I am talking about. Especially when you're CBS, you don't have your facts straight, and you've already been caught once being hosed by a source. Yeah, I suspect CBS in this.

Leslie Irish Evans said...

Chris is right, you need to work on the funny.