Sunday, October 24, 2004

Another first? Golf @ Plateau

I played at the Plateau Club with Paul today. It was a good round, puncuated by a remarkable statistic. Zero penalties/lost balls. None. Finished the 18 holes with the same balls that I started with. I don't think that has ever happened before. It helped that I hit 11 of 14 fairways. And even though my irons weren't doing great, they were at least pretty straight -- just a bit chunky from time to time. Unfortuately this led to the bad statistic of the day, zero greens in regulation. I was able to scramble pretty well and came away with 5 pars but no GIRs.

After a surprising par on 13 (thanks to a long one putt) I decided that I wanted to make 2 more pars before I finished. I made another long putt on 14 and was halfway there. Then on 15 I missed the par putt by about 5 inches. On 16 I hit a great tee shot and second shot and again missed the par putt by inches. On the par 5 17th I had a great tee shot to the middle of the fairway, then I nailed my 3 iron to about 67 yards. I had hit this <70 yard shot three or four times today so I thought I had it. I hit the wedge, it was perfectly on line, but it was a few yards too long and bounced off the back of the raised green. DANG! Just missed the par putt again. On 18 I had a great drive, but my second shot ended up in the bunker just short of the green. Bogey again. Didn't quite hit the goal, but I was glad to be putting for par on all of those holes. If I clean up those iron shots, it will clearly make a big difference.

Duffergeek Stat Zone:
Score: 89 (14.724 round rating)
Putts: 32
GIRs: 0 -- ZERO! This was the yucky part
Fairways: 11/14
Interesting stat: Zero penalty strokes!

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