Saturday, June 25, 2005

A semi-round at the Plateau

Thousands of adoring fans of Duffergeek have been writing asking me to talk more about my golf rounds. Well, I'm not going to give into that kind of peer pressure. I mean I would be so weak to just go back to talking about this shot or that shot or...

OK, just a little bit...

Paul and I played at the Plateau Club today. SLOWLY. It took us nearly 3 hours to play 9 holes. The interesting thing, though, was that in general, I was hitting the ball extremely well. Totally relaxed. Taking nice and smooth swings at it and in general connecting solidly. I hit GIRs on #11 and #16 which has never happened before (at least not in one round). I even had a par on 16. WTF!?!

The Plateau still had its way with me though. Sticking branches out just enough to knock down an otherwise perfect 6 iron on 14. Sticking a bunker in a stupid place to mess up an otherwise fine tee shot on 15 (fried egg on the uphill ledge -- no less). Adding a rim accelerator to the cup on 11 turning an otherwise dandy par into a 3 putt bogey. Pfeh!

The slow play took it's toll though and I bailed after 9. It is a great feeling when everything just sorta works in a zen kinda way. I certainly won't count on that happening again in any of the upcoming tournaments.

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