Friday, June 24, 2005

What the huh??

I'm headed to Las Vegas for a few days pretty soon. I'll be staying at the Wynn Hotel which sounded ideal to me because it has its own golf course. I called last night to get a tee time and the conversation went something like this.

Wynn Guy: Concierge, can I help you?
Duffergeek: I'd like to make a tee time.
Wynn Guy: Will you be staying at the Wynn Hotel?
Duffergeek: Yep!
Wynn Guy: OK. Has anyone told you how much it costs?

Right here I start getting nervous. kind of a strage question to ask at this point...

Duffergeek: Um.. nope.
Wynn Guy: OK. It is $500.00 per round, that includes nearly everything - except balls. It covers your cart, greens fee, and maybe a caddie.


What the huh? That's a lot of money for one round of golf.
Wynn Guy: Some people just hang up on my when I tell them that.
Duffergeek: Why is it so expensive?
Wynn Guy: Well, it is one of the best golf courses in the world.
Duffergeek: But I've played at Pebble Beach -- arguably THE best golf course in the world -- and it only costs $350.
Wynn Guy: Um, yeah. I've heard of that one. I don't really know. I could read you some of the stuff from the web site. I.. don't... um... play golf...
Duffergeek: OK. I'm gonna need to ponder that. Thanks. Bye.
Wynn Guy: Bye

That is a crazy amount for one round. Even in Vegas (unless, of course, the caddies are very, very special caddies -- but I didn't ask about that).

Perhaps I'll wait until I get there and win a crapload of money. Then it might not seem so bad.

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