Saturday, August 27, 2005

5 Idiosyncrasies

The gauntlet having been laid down, I will respond with my list of 5 idiosyncrasies in no particular order.

1. I'm an E. In the parlance of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I am an ENTP. The E part means that I'm an extravert but it manifests itself in that I think out loud. I can sit down quietly and think through tough problems, but I will do a much better job if I can bounce ideas off of people. This also means that I sometimes say things that I don't mean just to see if they sound right when they are said out loud. Boy can that throw some people off.

2. I can be repetitive when making a point. I'll often find several ways to say the same thing just to make sure I've made my point. Sometimes I'll use analogies, sometimes I'll rephrase, sometimes I'll summarize. If I can find a different way to say it that is more precise, or more graceful I'll say try that too. Redundancy can be a virtue.

3. I can't remember shit. It's not just names (which I'm really bad with but have great coping skills). If I don't write stuff down, I'll forget it -- but if I do, I'll forget where I wrote it, or forget to go back and read it later.

4. I can't ignore music. This is why I can't listen to it when I'm working. Music is at a higher interrupt than thinking and it encompasses all of my thinking.

5. I want to do too much. I have way too many projects to work on. Photography, golf, travel, recording music, playing guitar and bass, hanging out with family and friends, writing cool software apps, blogging. How will I ever find time to get fluent in French, German and Italian, learn piano, become a great drummer, teach, start another band, write a book or even get really good at the things I'm already doing...

6. Rules are guidelines. When someone gives me a hard and fast rule, my first inclination is to look for exceptions or ways around it. Why only 5 idiosyncrasies? It's not that I'm an anarchist or don't believe in authority. If there is a good reason for it, I am totally supportive of rules, but I need to believe it is a good rule before I stick to it. I would suck in the military.

Who's next?

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