Sunday, January 15, 2006

Best Pictures of 2005

It's a little late for a 2005 retrospective given that we are more than 2 weeks into 2006 already but since our Christmas tree is still up, I figure it is ok.

I took a lot of pictures this year (3692 stayed past the filtering stage) and they capture a bunch of the most memorable events of the year including the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, the Blue Angels and trips to Japan, Whistler, Portland, California and Las Vegas.

The full list of pictures is here. As always, you can get to all of the albums at

Serenity in a park in Tokyo

Whistler November
Christmas time in Whistler, BC. This was our Christmas card photo.

Blue Angels 2005
I took well over a thousand photos of the Blue Angels this year. Tens of which were pretty good :)

This coming year promises to be more amazing with trips to Egypt, France and Germany all on the books and others sure to pop in.


Anonymous said...

Nice shots. I especially like the trumpets and the menu. The Blue Angel shots are great too.
-- Tony

Duffergeek said...

Yes Yes... that's me.