Monday, May 03, 2004


I'm watching 10.5 on NBC. Wow, this is amazing. For something as hyped as this it has the worst of everything! Terrible acting. Inane script. The cheesiest special effects in any disaster movie ever. The silliest science. This movie makes Airplane! look like a Nova special.

My favorite part is that they can travel to any place in the state of California in about 15 minutes. The scientists go from their command post (where is that? They can feel every earthquake there!) to Northern California and back in a just a couple of hours. The governor's daugher and ex husband got from Redding to Barstow in the back of a pickup truck in the biggest traffic jam in history in a few more hours. An earthquake chased a train up the tracks creating a fault only just wider than the tracks until it ate the train, then it stopped (must have needed more iron). Fusing a fault line? Huh? Dule Hill's character arrives at a tent city large enough to hold Los Angeles and starts calling out for his wife, like she can hear him among the 20 million people around them (he finds them). Oh yeah, and Bo Duke used to be much better at getting out of a car through the window.

It's so bad, I can't stop watching!

10:08 - The FEMA guy is going to climb down the hole!!! What an ass. Why don't they send down the guy who fell off the truck?

10:13 - Would his cell phone still work 400 feet below ground in a 4 foot wide hole?

10:14 - Nuclear warheads can be opened without any tools

10:16 - That's gotta hurt. I guess it was a bad idea for him to send everyone away before climbing down the hole.

10:18 - Hi Zach? You're not going to believe where I am!

10:20 - Why does anyone think I care about these Nolan guys?

10:21 - They have an amazing ability to keep electricity during earthquakes.

10:22 - Cool, a satellite that shows underground nuclear explosions as fireballs

10:23 - This isn't over yet. Damn. It isn't a disaster movie until you've toasted L.A.

10:28 - YAY Washington is saved!

10:29 - Couldn't they just drill another nuke to stabilize it? Oh my god! I'm thinking like THEM!

10:32 - Magnetic pull affecting a river? No.. It's the San Andreas Toilet!

10:39 - Why are they going to Barstow when they can get anywhere in California in that helicopter in 15 minutes? Why are they wasting 2 doctors on one patient?

10:40 - How does she know "this is it"?

10:41 - Montage of cardboard house destruction

10:42 - OK, why would you put an earthquake evacuation center on the San Andreas fault? Or is something else rupturing?

10:43 - It's the new Grand Canyon!

10:43 - I'm betting the count gets up to ..oh I don't know... 10.5?

10:48 - Where are they running to? Crap, now I've lost my own sentence struture..ed..ness

10:50 - hmm... bad planning on that tent city location

10:50 - Ahhhh... soothing music. Perhaps I'll .... just....

10:51 - huh? YAY 10.5! Almost over!

10:52 - Did they film the shaky scenes by turning a steadicam into reverse?

10:53 - Know what they need right now? Moses!

10:54 - Oh..wait.... Everything is fine now. Everyone hug.

10:54 - wow. that sucked.

10:56 - Local news comes on to tell us that all of this probably won't happen.

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