Sunday, May 02, 2004

Jinxed! -- Golf @ Plateau Club

Paul and I were joined by a co-worker of mine named Dave today at the Plateau Club. The day started out kind of rainy, but the weather improved so that by the end, it was a gorgeous day. My golf, on the other hand, did the opposite starting well, but deteriorating pretty quickly.

I have at least 5 reasons why this happened, which most likely means that none of them are true, but it is somewhat comforting to know that I have excuses that can help alleviate the sense that I sucked today :) I think it all started on the first tee, when Paul told Dave that I have the most amazing luck in the world. That I will get 9 out of 10 good bounces. Of course, this jinxed me in a big way and from that point on, I got no good bounces for the rest of the day. This, by the way, is not one of my five excuses -- though perhaps it should be number six...

I got par on the first hole (jinxes take a little time to take effect, I imagine there is paperwork or something). On the third hole (which is now playing from a new tee box) my second shot draws a bit too much and hits a hill to the left of the green bouncing into the water. Hmph. I take my drop and chip the ball to the green and it nearly goes in but nearly isn't enough and I get a bogey here. Bogey on 5 after a perfect drive to 100 yards away. This is where it gets nutty. On the 6th hole, I figure I shouldn't use my driver and I take my 3 wood for a safe shot. I pull it a little, but it clears the bunker and I see it taking some good bounces. There is a lot of junk at the end of the fairway at about 225 yards but I've never been in it, until today. Yes, my 3 wood goes all the way past the fairway and just into the hazard. The good news is that it is sitting up on a tuft of grass (probably needed just one more signature on the jinx paperwork at this point) and I hit it over the junk into the fairway on the other side. Flubbed chip, good chip, 2 putts and I'm double bogey. Clearly by this point, all of the paperwork is signed and I enter the jinx zone, because I double bogey the next six holes. I snuck in a couple of more pars on the back 9, but everything else was double bogeys from that point onward.

Paul played pretty well, scoring a 79. He had some great shots, including a nice birdie putt on 5 and a very nice par save on 17 when he thought he had lost his chance to break 80. I ticked him off when I kept pointing out that he tends to tee the ball up just ahead of the tee markers. It's not like that gives him any real advantage, and I know he doesn't mean to do it but I tease him about it from time to time. On the 14th hole, he did it and he got pretty annoyed. That was the only hole that he ended up with a double bogey so I stopped mentioning it. Heh.

Rick, it seems had two great rounds earlier this week at the Plateau Club, shooting an 84 and 85. I guess it's my turn with the icky game. I hope it goes away soon :)

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