Friday, May 21, 2004

5 days left...

My Sabbatical begins in only 5 days (and 2 of them are the weekend). I'm really thinking of it as more of a 65 day weekend. Lots of fun things planned including Golf school, 2 big tournaments, a couple of trips to Vegas, lots of time with my family and some fun projects around the house. OK, I need to start working on that project list because it isn't nearly as fleshed out as my golf schedule.

I still don't think that it has registered yet that I will be out for that long. There is so much cool stuff going on that I am really going to miss it though I know there will be plenty of fun left when I get back ;) It is going to be nice to see what the world is like when I don't head in to the office each day. Eric (let's call him... Jeric) mentioned today that some people who have done this said that two months was long enough to just begin to get a sense of a bigger world out there, but short enough that it doesn't really give you that satisfaction of living in it. I am betting he is right.

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