Sunday, August 15, 2004

Another 36 hole day - Golf @ Plateau and Bear Creek.

Do you know what is wrong with playing 36 holes of golf in one day?


It has been a really long time since Rick, Paul and I have all played together at the Plateau. Like months. That streak has ended though and we all headed out at 7:08 this morning. This was also my round for the club's PGA Championship tournament, where I combine my net score with the final round score of one of the pros in the PGA Championship tournament. My strategy for that is to always choose who was in the lead at the end of the third day, so today my partner was Vijay Singh. The good news is that Vijay won today. The bad news is that he sucked doing it with a +4 today. Ernie or Phil would have been better. Tiger would have been better. Hell Woody Austin would have been better and I've never heard of him.

Anyway, we started out very early and I started out kinda icky. Sliced the tee shot, then hit my second into the junk. Ended up with a triple bogey on one. Once I got warmed up, though, it got better. Not a lot of outstanding shots, though my drive on 8 was longer than usual, bouncing over the left bunker and nearly rolling down the hill (if it had been a bit more to the right, it probably would have). On 7, we all either par'd or birdied. On 15 we all hit the green with our tee shots (when is the last time THAT happened??). 16 hosed me again. Par 17. Hit my best tee shot on 18 in a long time, right up to the left bunker but it stayed just short of it. Second shot was to the bunker next to the green, but it took me two to get out and then two putts so I ended with a double bogey. The total score for the round, though, was 90 (posted 89 due to the triple on 1). With my course handicap at 18, I shot net even par. Damn Vijay!

After the round, Rick and I had lunch, then I headed over to Bear Creek for the back 18. There I met Clint, Dave and Kevin (and Lara for the first few holes) and we teed off once again. For the first few holes, my driving just sucked. I sliced everything and it wasn't until the 7th hole that Dave noticed I was coming back too far outside. Once I fixed that, my drives got much better, though the damage was done on the front 9 (49). It is funny how I can just forget a key part of my swing like that, in the middle of the day. Okay, not funny, kinda lame.

At the turn, the drinking began. We took a cooler with a couple of drinks o' choice for each of us and Clint and Dave both had a nice hit of Tequila. They loosened up nicely for a while, but after another 4 holes or so, things started getting sloppy :) Clint, who was only +6 after the first 13 holes proceeded to go +3, +4 and +6 for the next three holes. Yow! :) I was pretty regular with bogeys, an occasional double and less frequent par, ending with a 96.

Kevin had an interesting day. He kept hitting his putts 10 feet past the hole. It was really strange. At the Member/Guest tournament a few weeks ago, his putting was great but today he just had speed issues. I don't think it even mattered if the putts were downhill or uphill, they would just go and go. By the time we got to 17, it had become the joke of the day so he was sitting over a tap in of about 6 inches and he just slams it about 30 feet. I cracked up. It was another fun round at a nice course.


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