Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Second Return of the Ignite - Golf @ Plateau Club

Paul and I went for an early round at the Plateau Club this morning. I thought it would be interesting to try the Ignite driver again. I had put away the Ignite before my trip to Hawaii because the Taylor Made R580 was giving me better results, I figured it was because of the stiff shaft. Over the past couple of months, though, I have been developing a more consistent swing with my driver -- more smooth than before and working on keeping the plane less upright and my arm straighter. So I figured I would see how this updated swing works with the Ignite. The answer is that for today at least, it works great!

I hit 9 of 14 fairways and two of the misses were just off in the first cut. My approach shots were even pretty good today, my 5 wood in particular was rockin'. On 3, I tee'd off with my 4 iron and had about 190 into the green. I hit my 5 wood and the ball rolled to about 6 feet just left of the hole. It was the first of 4 putts for birdie I had today and while each of them still took 2 putts to sink, that is 4 pars from GIRs. A strong improvement. In fact, if I hadn't started off with 2 double bogeys (and finished with 2 doubles in the last 3 holes) it would have been a stellar round. As it is, I had an 89 which is one of my best rounds from the golds.

I think the most interesting moment of the day occurred on 5 when Paul and I both hit good drives to the fairway and as we were walking up to the balls, a young coyote comes out of the woods and starts eyeing us suspiciously. As we keep walking towards it, he walks over to Paul's ball and picks it up and starts to walk off. We both start whooping at it and that scares it enough to drop the ball and then walk back to the edge of the woods. Now if he was heading towards the hole, perhaps we would have let him get a bit closer before making him drop the ball. :) As it is, the coyote spit must have been pretty lucky as Paul hit the shot to the green and then drained a long putt for a birdie. This hole was another of my GIR pars so we were none the worse for wear on this hole.

This is the second round where we were just not that worried about the score and so it was nice and relaxed. Perhaps the fact that we were playing pretty well made that easier, but it was a good fun round.

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