Sunday, August 22, 2004

Where's the Ark? Golf @ Plateau Club

Paul and I had a 7:09 tee time this morning and as my alarm went off at 5:55 I listened to the sound of pouring rain outside my window. I looked out our front door, half expecting to see an ark of some sort go sailing by but all I saw was a lot of water flowing down the street. I stumbled to my laptop to IM with Paul and figure out what our plan was. We decided to wait for an hour to see how things went. When I checked in again it was starting to let up so I suited up and headed for the Plat.

We decided to skip that pesky warm up phase and went straight to the back 9 where we knew that no one would be ahead of us. It was still raining though much less than it had been over night. I hit a nice 3 wood to the middle of the fairway (who needs warm up time anyway..) and as I looked down towards the 10th green I noticed that the whole area to the left of the green was underwater. In fact, the bunkers were filled with at least a foot of water as well. This was going to be a wet day.

I hit my second shot to the green and two putted for an opening par. Nice! I started tracking my score, but would later give up on that as it was so wet, I really couldn't post anything realistic given the number of times I would have to move my ball to someplace that wasn't under water. We had a good time though. A total of 13 holes of no pressure golf where we didn't really care how we scored and could try a second shot if the first one got too wonky. My driver was going left today but generally staying in play. On 16, rather than slicing it into yuckiness, I pulled it past the trees on the left and put myself in a great place for the second shot. The three wood was shorter than I wanted, largely due to the wetness of the fairways but I still came away with a nice bogey which on that hole is a victory for me.

On 18, my second shot was also a bit short and landed in a bunker. When I went to find it in the bunker, I was concerned that it had rolled down into the foot deep water that covered most of the trap but instead, it was in a small canyon left by the run off, about 5 inches below the top of the sand and sitting on the black plastic lining for the bunker. I don't know what the rule is, but since trying to hit it would probably damage the bunker, I figured a free drop was in order.

Nothing else terribly remarkable to the round. This is a good indicator of what play will be like in a few months. Perhaps this year we can just stop scoring when it gets bad and just play for the fun of it. That would be cool.

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