Monday, May 30, 2005

A couple of rounds

I've stopped posting my golf rounds in the same detail that I used to do. Partly because I'm not really convinced that anyone cares and partly because I don't feel like trying to remember all of the details of my rounds myself. I did play twice this weekend though. Once at Sahalee and then at Washington National. Let me just say that Sahalee is an absolutely beautiful course and Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. Put the two together and it was a winning combination. No matter that my driver decided to go in to uber slice mode. It was still a lot of fun. Most memorable moment? A squirrel decided to try to run off with my sandwich while I was putting on the 10th green. I get back and he is 1/2 way to a tree. I make sufficient noise to get him to drop it (yay Saran Wrap!) but since he had already opened part of it, and since he stopped shortly afterwards and turned around as if to say "Hey... can't I have just one more bite?" I tore off a piece and tossed it to him. I think I heard him say "Thanks!" I'll say this about Sahalee -- polite squirrels.

Today we played at Washington National. Driver was much better but the only really memorable moment was my tee shot on the par 3 11th. About 150 yards, into the wind, down hill. I hit a dandy of a shot that stopped just about 2 feet from the hole (and would have gone in if it had kept rolling). Probably as close to a hole in one as I'll get this year.

No stat zone though.

ok a little stat zone.

Sahalee: 95
Washington National: 88

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