Thursday, May 19, 2005

This is a day we'll long remember

I was there one evening in the middle of May in 1977. I was at the opening night of Star Wars. Before it was Episode 4 - A New Hope. It was just Star Wars. I wasn't sure I wanted to go, but my parents were out of town and my mom's co-worker was watching my brother and me and she took us to see this new movie. I was 10 and I loved it.

It was the first of a geekishly fanatical 22 times I saw that movie in the theater during it's first run. Since then, I've been to (at least one) opening day showing of every Star Wars movie, including the re-releases of episodes 4,5 and 6 before epsiode 1 came out.

So now I'm headed out to watch it with my team. Then this evening, I will go again with my family. Kate and Zach are both very excited. They watched episode 1 and 2 last night in preparation. Kate referred to yesterday as "Star Wars Eve". She has been running around quoting Star Wars lines for months now. We challenge each other to come up with the next lines in any of the original trilogy. Zach came in last night a little sad and said that today would be the end of Star Wars. I said "Nah, it's not the end. It is the beginning of being able to watch about 14 hours straight of Star Wars movies.

Regardless of whether Episode III will be good or not, 28 years of anticipation makes today a pretty special day.

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