Monday, July 25, 2005

Airtunes Take 2

Almost a year ago, I tried out the Apple Airport Express with AirTunes. It didn't go so well. I figured it was time to try it again and this time it actually works. First, they changed the device so it doesn't have to be a wireless base station. I already have one of those so there is no need to deal with making them work together. This is a big part of where it fell down last time. So now it is only a remote pair of speakers across our home network. Now any copy of iTunes can start streaming it's audio to the AirTunes speakers. I am going to hook it up to my home audio system that can then route the music to any pair of speakers in the house (the house is wired with about 8 or 9 pairs of speakers in different rooms). The really cool thing is that I can then get another one and have multiple playlists going on in different rooms in the house.

This should be cool :)

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