Friday, July 15, 2005

Bear Creek Invitational - Days 1 and 2

I still haven't hit a hole in one, but I've come close twice in 24 hours.

During the par 3 tournament yesterday, one of the guys on a different team hits his shot to the number 12 green and it rolls to 8 inches from the hole. I then hit mine and it lands to the right of the hole and starts rolling left. It rolls between his ball and the hole, missing it by about 2 inches as it slowly rolled past. Dang!!

Then today we are playing in the main tournament. There are 4 par 3 holes on the course and every one of them has a hole in one contest. Three cars and one motorcycle. On number 9 - a 210 yard long par 3 over water that I've never even hit the green on - I pull my 3 wood and hit a high draw that lands on the green to the left of the hole and starts rolling right towards it. Closer. Closer...... then it stops. 4 feet from the hole. Soooo close. And then I missed the putt. Grrr....

The high point was a birdie following a pretty bad tee shot on 14. Finally, a putt longer than three feet dropped. My driver has been terrible. My irons were bad yesterday, but a swing adjustment had them rocking today. My putting has been completely without feel for a while now. I even got a new putter which may or may not be helping.

Even with my somewhat weak play over the past couple of days it is still fun. Even when you hit a bad tee shot, there is often a chance to recover (like my birdie on 14) so that helps. Plus, the stableford scoring system used in the member guest is less confrontational than the match play tournament the Plateau uses at their M/G.

Tomorrow is the last round. 8:00 am tee time. Must get sleep.

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