Thursday, July 07, 2005

Seattle Summer Music Games

Taking the geek in Duffergeek to an entirely new level. Insert: Band Geek.

When I was in high school, I was in marching band. Now we weren't your typical high school marching band featuring the full spectrum of band instruments. We were small, but we wanted to sound big, so we were more like a small drum corps than a marching band. We used to go to DCI drum corps shows all the time around Ohio and we worked hard at emulating their style and discipline. And this one time... and band camp...

No wait -- jump to modern times.

So this Saturday is the Seattle Summer Music Games. It is the only real drum corps show in the Northwest (that I know of) and it usually features a couple of the top west coast corps. The Seattle Cascades are always there and last year, the Santa Clara Vanguard performed as well. The Blue Devils from Concord CA have been there before and this year their B corps will be there.

This year is going to be much cooler for me. I sent mail to the folks at the Northwest Youth Music Association and asked for permission to get field access to take pictures of the event. They said yes! DCI events can be some of the most interesting things to take pictures of. Lots of action, bright, bold colors and kids working their butts off to nail their routines. For me, the most amazing thing is the synchronization needed to pull off a great show. 10 snare drummers all playing at blistering speed in perfect unison so that it sounds like a single drum is one thing. Throw in having to keep moving the entire time, a horn line that can peel paint off the stadium and intersperse a color guard that is spinning and throwing flags, rifles and sabres all over the place and it is really something to behold. Then -- spread it out over 100 yards and try to synchronize THAT. When done well, it is an awesome experience.

Any way about it, it will make for a great set of pictures. If anyone is interested, the show is Saturday July 9 at 6:30 at Husky Stadium in Seattle.

Remind me to tell you about the time I ran over a judge with my tuba...

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