Friday, October 05, 2007

Keeping up with your car payments

I love Heroes. Certainly the best new show of last year. As they start the second season, they're making forays into the realm of in show advertising. The most obvious of which was in the season premiere, Claire - the hot, blonde cheerleader - is given a car by her "father". A new Rogue. "I get the Rogue?!?! Oh Dad, I love you..." blah blah blah

What's a Rogue? Never heard of it. A few minutes later during a commercial break, Nissan introduces the Rogue. Ah clever. I'm not sure how many teenagers would be so giddy about getting a small SUV but hey, more power to them.

The following week, Nissan must have missed some payments because Claire walks out of school and finds out her car has been stolen.


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