Saturday, May 22, 2004

Wet! -- Golf @ Willows Run Coyote Creek

Paul, Doug and I made it out to Willows Run this morning for an early 18. It was kind of cold and there was a wind blowing so it didn't look like we were going to get away with a nice weather day. The wind was nice at the driving range though. I was playing around with delofting my irons and playing them a bit more back in my stance. Between that and the tail wind at the range, I was getting really nice distance from just about everything. My pitching wedge was out to about 125 yards, 7 iron to 155, 5 iron was making it to the green at 180 and my 3 wood was consistantly past 210 yards. Cool! My driver was still slicing though, so I benched it for the round. It suited up, but never got in the game.

We headed to the first tee and I hit a nice 3 wood right down the middle about 210. The rain started at this point, but not too hard. I hit a 7 iron to the green (GIR!) and 2 putted for a par. After a sloppy double bogey on the 2nd hole, I shot par on the next 2 holes and was sitting at +2 after 4 holes. Very nice. My only 3 putt of the day was on the ninth hole and my front 9 score was 42. At the turn, it got a bit worse. I struggled a bit with my tee shots and had 2 holes where I played my second shot from an adjoining fairway. Then I made the mistake of thinking that it was cool I didn't lose the ball. On each of 14, 15 and 16 I lose a ball and double bogey each hole though I par'd each of the par 3's on the back 9 and came up to 18th hole +14 for the day. My irons were a bit left, but rarely out of control and I expected that with some of the swing changes I was making and at least on the front 9 I was compensating for it.

Coming up to the tee on the 18th, the sky opened up. It was simply pouring all the way up that long par 5 fairway. I had a great tee shot to the middle, flubbed a 5 iron about 50 yards, then layed up nicely short of the water hazard. 53 degree wedge over the water to the green 2 putt for bogey. By the time we got into the club house, we were drenched. It was a fun round though.

The best shot, though, was Doug's approach shot on 18 over the water which was a bit right of the green. It hit the rocks on the edge of the water, bounced further right, off of the bridge across the lake and landed next to the practice green. Amazing luck to stay out of the water. None of us could ever do that if we tried :)

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Anonymous said...

"We headed to the first tee and I hit a nice 3 wood right down the middle about 210."

210...that would probably be my SCORE if I played golf. ^__^;