Saturday, June 05, 2004

Bad T'wards - Golf @ Carnation Golf Course

My Dad has a saying when you hit a shot that doesn't go where you want it to go. "Your distance was good, but your t'wards was off." After playing a pull or draw for the last few rounds, today most everything was going very straight. But when you are expecting a pull, dead straight can be a problem. That issue accounts for most of the 6 double bogey holes I had today. The improved distance (and the fact that Carnation isn't that difficult of a course, even from the back tees) accounts for the 9 pars I had.

The 4th hole is a 237 yard par 3. I tee'd off with my 3 wood and hit the green. Wow!! 2 putted for par.
The 11th hole is a 171 yard par 3. I tee'd off with my 6 iron and was dead on the pin as it rolled over a hill onto the green. It ended up about 8 feet below the hole. 2 putt for par.
31 putts which isn't too bad. The greens were pretty soft and reasonably fast. I left at least two balls right on the edge of the cup.

The other 3 of the par 3s I just hit way to the right, trying to draw the ball in, but it just went straight as can be. The last 2 were stupid because I KNEW that it wasn't going left anymore, but I still played it that way. Duh!

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