Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Coming together - Golf @ Plateau Club

I got out for an early round at the Plateau Club this morning. There are days when it all kinda comes together for you and today was one of those days. I didn't get a chance to warm up, mostly because the range was hitting from mats today and I didn't feel like going down there just for mats, so I went straight to the first tee.

First shot of the day... Boom! 246 yard Ignite drive to the left center of the fairway. Cool! Next shot carries the junk and is sitting about 60 yards from the flag in the right rough. Third shot hits the green, 2 putt for a beginning par.

This usually means one of two things. No... it only means one thing. Things are going to get worse from here on. Today, though, felt different. I was relaxed, it was a beautiful day, let's just see how the day goes.

On 2, I catch up to the pair in front of me and they let me play though (wow, that was quick) so I do and on my second shot, the ball rolls down to about an inch above the lip on the greenside bunker. I walk up to it, trying to figure out what I am going to do and just as I'm about to pick out my lob wedge, the ball drops down into the bunker. Phew! I get out pretty well, 2 putts and I'm on to the next hole at +1 after 2.

I bogey the next 2 holes and then par 5, 6 and 7 and I'm sitting at +3 after 7 holes. Not until my 3rd shot on 9 do I finally lose a ball. I escape 9 with a double and have a 42 on the front 9. Cool!

The back 9 isn't quite as smooth, starting out with 4 bogeys but I can't complain. On 13, things start to get icky. I lose my 3 wood tee shot to the right (again with the either 3 wood or driver dilemma). I take the drop and hit a 7 iron that ends up about 30 yards short of the green. I muff a wedge shot about 10 yards, then I bump it up with my 9 iron and it goes in for a chip in bogey. Phew!

A couple of doubles at 14 and 16 (par on 15) and I walk up to 17 at +14 after 16 holes. I set a goal of getting a par on either of the last 2 holes. On 17, I hit a drive about 220 to the right center of the fairway, then a Rescue 3 iron to about 25 yards short of the front of the green. Hit a wedge to about 4 feet and sink the putt for a birdie! That is the second birdie on 17 in two rounds! Cool.

I bogey 18 after a lost tee shot and finish the day with 86, my best round ever at the Plateau Club. Yay! The things I've been changing seem to be settling in now. Who knows if that will last, but I hope it does because the Member/Member tournament starts this Friday :)

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