Tuesday, June 08, 2004

New Eyes

As you may have read in Splorg, Salami and Tears, I have been trying hard contact lenses for the past week or so.

Big mistake.

Those things are like little torture devices for your eyes. And to make it worse, I CAN'T SEE ANY BETTER WITH THEM IN! See, whenever you look up with them in, they slide up when you blink and then slide down again. Since they are much smaller than soft lenses, you can actually see them moving around over your eye. It looks kind of like an extra eyelid sliding over your eye. Whenever this happened, my eyes would start watering and it would take a couple of seconds to get back to normal again. LAME. Then when I tried to take them out, they would slide over the wrong part of my eye and I still needed to slide them around with my finger to get them back to a place where they could 'pop' out. How is this easier??

So today I went back to the doctor and we tried soft lenses. A HUGE difference. I can see better, I can't feel them, and if you ask me, they are at least as easy to put in and a lot easier to take out. I'm going to keep trying the soft lenses for the next week or so, but so far they are much better than those hard eye tormentors!

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