Friday, June 11, 2004

Whoops, I forgot how to play golf

Two rounds in two days, both pretty icky. I played at Newcastle yesterday with Clint, then played in a practice round for the Member/Member tournament at the Plateau Club today. While Tuesday's round was a high point, I seem to have forgotten how to consistently hit the ball since then. Several times at Newcastle I got into a mode where I was shanking my iron shots and slicing both my driver and 3 wood on tee shots.

Now in both of these rounds, the conditions were pretty extraordinary. At Newcastle, we were dealing with 15-30 mph winds and at the Plat today the course was set up for the tournament's skins game so the pins were tucked into the nastiest parts of the greens. Both of these had a pretty significant impact on how I was playing, but I think the bigger issue is that I'm trying to hit the ball too hard and as a result, I'm not coming through it cleanly.

I think the other issue is that I'm now expecting myself to hit it well and adding a bunch of pressure to really nail it each time so I am thinking more bad swing thoughts about "what if I don't hit this right" or something. The main rounds for the member/member start in the morning. My main goals are to relax and not try to swing too hard and to have fun. The odds of our team winning are pretty slim, so don't focus on that, just have fun playing a round with a slightly different focus than a normal round.

And set up slightly left of where I think I should be
And take it back slowly.
And keep my back to the target as long as possible
And swing through the ball
And don't forget the weight transfer
And finish the swing


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