Sunday, June 06, 2004

Return of the Ignite - Golf @ Twin Rivers

The Ignite has returned! I figured out the timing to hit it straight again and just in time since we were playing at Twin Rivers which has 4 holes over 450 yards. Twin Rivers is a pretty simple course, generally wide open with a slope from the back tees of only 102 so we were expecting to shoot pretty low and we did not meet our own expectations. I was the first person to par a hole and that wasn't until the third hole.

The best hole for me was 17 where I decided to go back to my 3 wood for the tee shot and sky'd it to the right only about 120 yards or so (why can't I have both my driver and 3 wood working at the same time?). I was far enough right that I couldn't see the flag because it was behind a tree, but I knew pretty much where it was so I took my 5 iron and tried to hit a cut shot that would end up near the green. I hit it well and it did exactly what I wanted it to do, landing just short of the green and rolling to about 15 feet. Paul said that it actually took a bad bounce and would have been right next to the hole otherwise. So I lined up the putt and drained it for a birdie.

The final total was an 82, which I can't complain about though that maps closer to a 91 at the Plateau Club. I was hitting the ball pretty well and we did have a good time. Now I need to go back to the Plat and see how my recent improvements will show up there!

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