Monday, June 21, 2004

A Family Affair - Golf @ Mount Si

My parents were in town for the past few days, up from North Carolina, so we played a couple of rounds. The first was last week at the Plateau Club. The plat was ornery as usual, taking it's share of balls from each of us. Today, though, we went and played at Mount Si. While it is a heck of a lot easier than the plat, it is still a beautiful course, particularly when the weather was as nice as today.

I've been working on keeping my left arm straight through the swing. Very straight. It has the advantage of adding consistency around hitting the ball cleanly, but if I don't turn my shoulders right, it can lead to a nasty pull as I come over the top on the way down. I battled with that a bit today, hitting only 4 of 14 fairways, but rarely missing it by very much and ending up with mostly bogeys in a round of 88.

The other big change today was that I went back to the Futura putter. My DFX putter gives me good distance control, but pretty lousy aim. My Futura tends to be the opposite, but with the greens hardening around here, leaving the ball short is getting to be less of an issue.

I was also playing around with Rick's 2 iron rescue club and my Cleveland Launcher 5 wood (which has been sitting out the last couple of months). They both go about the same distance, but I think I prefer the 5 wood in that it was a bit more forgiving. The biggest problem is that the 5 wood looks so much like my 3 wood in my bag, I pulled the wrong club on one tee shot today and hit it very well, but not as long as I expected. I suspect a new head cover could fix that pretty easily.

For my next round, I think I will go with the 5 wood in the bag, but no 4 iron and no 2 iron. My Ignite is still on probation.

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